All about extraordinary accessories.

Company Overview

MyBanana was established to make every gadget enthusiast's experience a little more unique. MyBanana is "All about extraordinary accessories". And accessories are all about making our lives easier, more interesting, more colorful and more fun.



"To provide the most extraordinary accessories to every gadget enthusiast around the globe."


The Name

After a lot of thought, trying to come up with a good name for a company "All about extraordinary accessories", our founder came up with MyBanana. Bananas, like Apples, are fruits, OK. Well, was not available, which wasn't helpful. But our accessories are all about making your toys more personal and more unique. And this is how "My"Banana came to life.

Interesting Fact: Eating a banana can cheer you up! Bananas are the only fruit to contain the amino acid, tryptophan plus vitamin B6, which help the body produce seratonin, a natural chemical which alleviates mental depression.


The Products

The products are a handpicked and tested selection of a vast number of accessories out there. Among them, they are:

Exceptional    Unique    Handmade    Vintage    Extraordinary    Special    Innovative    Fun    Luxurious    Different    Intuitive    Personal


Our Customers

We love them (you?). 


The Website

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